CARLSBAD MATTRESS SHOWROOM certified chemically safe mattresses and Organic bedding and pillows

Review by Karen T.

Scripps Natural Mattress

Great find, so thankful !!!!

My Husband and I decided that we did not want another Tempur-pedic and after looking around i was ready to purchase a 10K bed. That was crazy. We went down to La Jolla to visit my sister in law and fell in love with the bed she had in the guest room. After commenting on the bed, she got all excited and ripped of the sheets and unzipped the mattress and showed us how it worked. She went on and on about Mark up in Carlsbad Village. She had all Scripps Natural Mattress beds in the house. We decided to visit Mark on our way home to Newport Beach and wow, what a great concept. His beds are certified chemical safe, Hand sewn in So Cal and extremely comfortable. I have two friends battling cancer and my husband and i are making big changes in our diets and environment. We are thankful that we met Mark and over the past 6 months, have had the best sleep in our lives.

Response byScripps Natural Mattress